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Stress is a massive problem in the workplace, costing U.S. businesses $30 billion yearly in loss workdays alone. People see their jobs as creating stress, and employers need to do more to help. Current solutions are expensive, timeconsuming, ineffective and not measurable. Certain industries are so stress filled that the work environment has catapulted turnover to historical record levels. Further, daily distractions hinder career related focus and success. This lack of sustained focus and elevated stress stifles productivity, career advancement, and lowers profitability.

Vital Neuro’s innovative science-based platform offers a solution to these issues through stress reduction as a service. A Mobile SaaS for enterprise customers where employers provide their team members with enjoyable, neuroscience-based stress reduction sessions built on real time monitoring of personal biosignals. The results... improved job satisfaction, higher productivity, lower employee turnover, and increased EBITDA.

This advanced brain training paradigm is an innovative blend of neurofeedback, scientifically designed sound music, and other neuro modulation techniques, that are based on brain plasticity; the brain’s ability to change. Vital Neuro’s groundbreaking solution is delivered through stylish, wireless, high fidelity headphones and an app that tie to Vital’s Leonardo smart cloud platform.

Based on 50+ years of combined research, Vital Neuro’s technology delivers a customized solution by offering science-based features. By measuring the real time biosignals of the brain, a calming audio and/or audio & video experience is delivered in response to reduce the subscriber’s stress levels.

Vital Neuro’s solution takes real time physiological data to assess and assign the precise audio and video content needed to deliver a quantifiable stress management solution to a growing subscriber base. While focusing our sales and distribution efforts on enterprises with a very large number of employees, Vital Neuro will reduce workplace stress by bringing employees back to a state of equilibrium, thus achieving balance within the workplace.

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*NEW PODCAST* Hear from @AlexDoman from @VitalNeuro and learn about their product that reads brain activity in real team which sends personalized music to the user and the benefits it has over time.

#MentalHealthInnovation | #BrainHealth https://twitter.com/CrazedPodcast/status/1313519664975273985


041: Battling Burnout with Brain Sensing Headphones – Vital Neuro http://crazedpodcast.com/041-battling-burnout-with-brain-sensing-headphones-vital-neuro/

We are pleased to announce the appointment of John Golden as our CEO. John brings over 25 years of Fortune 500 C Suite experience to our team, most recently with the world's largest performance training company @TeamEXOS. Welcome to Vital John! https://www.linkedin.com/in/goldenjohn/

Lead Your Remote Team Away From Burnout, Not Toward It https://www.gallup.com/workplace/312683/lead-remote-team-away-burnout-not-toward.aspx?utm_source=twitterbutton&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=sharing

Tech workers are showing the effects of COVID-19-related burnout https://www.fastcompany.com/90515519/tech-workers-are-showing-the-effects-of-covid-19-related-burnout

How Organizations Can Support the Mental Health of Black Employees #mentalhealth #trauma

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