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Название ICOVodi X
Дата начала21 мая, 2019
Дата окончания22 мая, 2019
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1 год назад
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Vodi X is positioned on the already widely adopted mobile payments application, Vodi, boasting 5+ million users in over 200 countries. Vodi X is building a creatively gamified platform-Phase 1; leveraging the use of smart contracts, conveniently available on any smartphone and easily accessible through the Vodi mobile application. Vodi X seeks to create millions of income opportunities for Vodi users (Vodeers) around the world to earn cryptocurrency (VDX) by doing small tasks (micro-tasks). The users of the present Vodi app already excitedly perform small tasks to earn loyalty and reward points (Vodi Points) so they can apply points to purchases right on Vodi; such as eGift cards, mobile recharges (top-ups) and international, long distance calling plans. These points are easy to earn on Vodi, just send a money transfer, buy a top-up, even chat or call your loved ones using the app, and Vodi points are applied immediately.

Founder & CEO
Director of Business Dev. & Partner Management
Sr. Director of IT & Infrastructure

Recently, the community has been asking about whether #VDX will be venturing into #DeFi. If your impression of DeFi is $FOOD tokens like $SUSHI, then no. But if u are referring to real use cases of DeFi products, then yes. It will relate to our existing concept and Vodi App.

How are you liking the new theme? More to come in Oct!
We are also finalising details with a couple of strategic partners for #VDX upcoming development! Full steam ahead 🚀


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Did someone from our team accidentally leaked VodiX upcoming plans and development for #VDX?🤔

#Crypto #DeFi #BNB #Bittrex #Tech #BTC

This will never happen within #VDX ecosystem. On a side note, it does not make sense for the #IRS to deduct tax from micro-income. Unacceptable! 😡

#tech #crypto #blockchain #US #Microtasks #Economy #Tax

#VodiX is currently undergoing some changes with our future plans and roadmap! Do look forward to an updated road map as well as new developments. Q4 of 2020 will be a busy period for #VDX token holder and the team!

#Blockchain #Crypto #Tech #DeFi #Update #UniSwap #Microtasks

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Цена0.0100 USDПродажа450,000,000Способ оплатыBTC
Минимальная инвестицияN/AРаспределение45%Собрано$1,477,031
Софт-кап1,000,000 USDХард-кап4,500,000 USD