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Blockchain technologies are positioned to disrupt traditional advertising models. New paradigms transform the consumer into an advertiser who earns via Peer-to-Peer Advertising through blockchain referral systems & into vested stakeholders through tokenization of rewards. The long-term e ect of this disruption is multifold:


Working on an ai full course for 50$ to understand how to start a business with only ai.

( the price will go up to 195$ after the 7 first sales ).

Gonna make daily updates of the progress.

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I'll tell you right here right now why discipline while make you avoid depression.

Discipline = working regardless of your feelings right ?
And depression is pain, and what is pain ? EMOTIONS;

Do you understand now ?

#fy #vyral #mindset

Hiring people for my agency, reply "apply" if interested, easy job for a extra income.

#fy #foryou #vyral #business #mind #mindset #money

Always think that someone is outworking you.
Since you have an ego, saying that will derenge your ego and if you are good enough you will change this into more work.

#fy #fyp #foryou #vyral #xyz #business #mind #mindset

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