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Bitcoin was the first natively digital asset, tens of thousands have followed. The digital economy is expanding exponentially and will soon become 'the economy'

Liquidity pools are used to bridge assets, like @Tether_to's $USDT, that exist natively on multiple chains.

Two primary methods have historically been used to ensure liquidity: centralised liquidity and incentivised liquidity.

#Wanchain is introducing a third method. #XFlow

365.wan 🔥 amazing.wan, we’re growing every day 🚀⭐️🌖.wan

✅ http://wandomains.xyz/app

@wanchain_org #wanchain $wan #web3 #ens #web3domains

Using the lock-mint-burn-unlock mechanism that #Wanchain itself pioneered, users have long been able to bridge $USDT from #Ethereum to other EVM-compatible chains such as @FantomFDN, @MoonriverNW, Wanchain and @XinFin_Official.

Something new is coming.

#Wanchain's Director of Marketing recently joined @ronitA380, @FinTechGuyDubai and @bakshi_sarthak to discuss #blockchain interoperability, #NFTs and the future of #Web3.

Missed it? Listen or watch it now! 👇

🎧: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/33-redefining-nfts-blockchain-interoperability-with/id1596881094?i=1000580316768

📺: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-9UHxEuDyk

Why do we see more hacks in blockchain world? Ep #33 of #FintechandWeb3Founders with @bakshi_sarthak & Temujin Louie is out!

🎧Apple Podcasts👉https://lnkd.in/ejJWdiRt


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