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The ability to circumvent the aforementioned complications and create a secure peer-to-peer green energy marketplace puts the XiWATT team in a unique position. The team’s goal is to utilize blockchain technology to prevent the monopolization of the renewable energy market by providing a competitive crowdfunding and project management service for green energy projects.

Co-Founder, Team Lead
Co-Founder, Strategy Lead
P.Eng, Co-Founder, Energy Lead

Some really great inspiring takeaways from this video by #JeremyRifkin - we encourage everyone to watch this. 🌏♻️ http://bit.ly/2AJLFBl

#getinvolved http://www.xiwatt.io
 #thirdindustrialrevolution  #xiwatt #renewables #renewableenergy

check out IRELAND for taking charge in #ClimateChange!

We hope more and more nations take an aggressive leap to transition away from fossil fuels and towards #Renewables!

Join us on this revolution with @XiWATT
#XiWATT #RenewableEnergy


#XiWATT is being recognized for being entrepreneurs developing a #blockchain project with an Ecological Purpose, take a look https://bit.ly/2n8NMr1 written by @DanielPinchbeck
#renewables #meaningfulcontribution #socialimpact #cleanenergy

Wow...so many inspiring do-gooders attending @theNEXUSsummit. So sad I have to leave a day early but privileged to have shared a panel with @yulitmiller @VanessaGrellet_ Hamza from @XiWATT Avi from GRIL & @VinceMolinari to talk about #blockchain impact projects #WeAreNexus

We are presenting right now at the Young Startup Ventures conference in New York City. Let's chat if you're attending! #xiwatt #nyvs2018


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