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Название ICOXMaterials
Дата началаTBA
Дата окончанияTBA
СтранаCayman Islands
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A combination of patent-pending technology, AI- generated recipes and machine-learning robots have given birth to the next generation of building materials. XMaterials aim to disrupt the construction industry, introducing revolutionary replacements for traditional building materials (concrete, granite, marble, and ceramics combine to a US$600 billion industry).

Communications Advisor
Chief Production Technology Officer

Interested in purchasing #XMAT tokens? One option is to transfer funds from an ERC20 compatible wallet. http://bit.ly/xmatMEDmew

#AI and #sustainability go hand in hand.

Watch and learn how we integrated the two to create the materials of the future: http://bit.ly/xmatVideo

What if you could make a more flexible concrete, a fireproof ceramic? We're building the future at #XMaterials. http://bit.ly/xmatsite

You may not think about the "recipe" for concrete. But we do—and we promise, it's fun to customize it.

Find out for yourself with our franchise model during the #XMAT presale. #greentech http://bit.ly/xmatsite

Curious about the secret recipe that makes XMaterials superior to other building materials?

Details inside: http://bit.ly/xmatMEDblueprint

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