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Название ICOYooba
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Дата окончанияTBA
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Yooba is a blockchain system for shopping only. Although she can apply in all aspects, Yooba's research, development and maintenance only focus on commercial scenarios and future related to goods and services. The following is a brief list of some of the application cases.

DB Engineer
Server Developer
App Developer

#Yooba Photo Contest is over!
We have a participant who just perfectly understood the rules...
It is very nice to see this approach!


It is very sad, but none of the participants did not show interest in the «Yooba Photo Contest».
The reasons are well known to us (but let's talk about it later ...)
However, there is still some time left.
#Yooba #YOO

Just think about it ...
Holiday #ecommerce reached new heights in 2018 — officially pulling in $126 billion #Business #Yooba

We want to apologize for the spam in our Twitter account. It was vacation time for us. Now all «garbage» has been deleted!

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