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Название ICOZest
Дата начала10 июня, 2019
Дата окончания17 декабря, 2019
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1 год назад
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Since its inception the Stock Market was always a little out of touch to the general population. Sure you had a grandparent who owned some random stock certificate they gifted to you when you were a baby but generally speaking it was very far removed from everyday life. Upper-middle class had a “finance guy” who would handle everything for them, while they mostly ignored it and just saw it as a diversification method. Yet the the financial elite, who were directly involved, reaped all the benefits as they traded aggressively on the market floor. However, with the advent of the internet the general public began to have many of the financial tools available to the experts. E-trade, and many other such companies, brought the financial market into every home, all accessible with a click of a button; instantly. For once it seemed like everyone would have the same opportunities at their fingertips. It sounds good on paper but sadly this is not quite what happened.

President - CEO
Lead Strategist
Marketing Manager

We are the first ‘decentralized syndicate’ which aims to break through Silicon Valley’s walls of inaccessibility.
Zest disrupts the traditional boundaries by using a cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange into a venture capital fund. #IEO #VentureCapital #blockchain #Crypto

#ZEST IEO is now LIVE on top 20 exchange - @latokens !
This will give individuals a convenient and secure way to monitor their potential stakes in the syndication and provide a fair and efficient distribution for all participants. https://latoken.com/ico/ETH-Z

http://Zest.Fund is going LIVE on LAToken this upcoming week!
● No1 IEO Fundraising Launchpad
● 130+ IEOs and 300+ exchange listing brought:
> 1,7 million visitors per month
> 400 thousand registered users
● Top 15 exchange in cryptotrading by CMC and Coingecko

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